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For more than 30 years Horne Chiropractic Center, P.A. has been providing experienced and expert chiropractic care to the central Maryland area. The group’s facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment tools available and the friendly staff is always glad to accommodate your needs. With a solid reputation for customer service and effective care, Horne Chiropractic Center, P.A. is ready to help you.

About Dr. Eric S. Horne

National College of Chiropractic
Doctor of Chiropractic, 1981-1985
Bachelor of Science – Human Anatomy, 1984

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Pre-Med/Biology Major, 1978-1981

Truly devoted to patient comfort

Not only has he provided relief to his primary patients, Dr. Horne has devoted a large percentage of his clinical practice to diagnostic consulting on difficult and unusual cases referred by physicians, surgeons, chiropractors and attorneys. His vast amount of continuing education in multiple medical fields provides the basis upon which he is sought for expert consultation.

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About Chiropractic

Chiropractic care focuses on properly aligning the body’s structures—primarily the spine—to allow for natural, surgery-free healing. A chiropractor’s goal is not to give patients drugs so they don’t feel pain, but to discover the source of the pain and correct the problem.

The nervous system controls all of the body’s functions and depends on the vertebrae in your spine to protect it. When your vertebrae are out of line, they can prohibit optimal operation of the nervous system, which can lead to various physical problems.

Chiropractic treatments are incredibly safe—actually, they’re one of the safest kinds of medical care available. And your chiropractor has studied extensively to fully understand the body’s systems. The chiropractic-training program is comparable to the program of study for medical doctors. According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 30 million people visited doctors of chiropractic last year for a variety of conditions, and more and more medical doctors are referring their patients to doctors of chiropractic.

We have been serving clients just like you for more than a quarter of a century, and we know what wellness means. That’s why our center uses spinal distraction and manipulation as well as flexion distraction techniques to cure what ails you. This form of care regularly treats conditions, including:

Sports Injuries
Auto Injuries
Neck & Back Pain
Workers’ Comp Claim
Herniated Discs
Numbness in Arms & Legs
Difficulties Associated with fibromyalgia

In addition to preventative and wellness care, chiropractic can be used to treat allergies, headaches, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, leg pain, scoliosis, spinal decompression, carpal tunnel, and other health issues.

For more information, see the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research

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